Ideal Brand Name For Your Beauty Industry.

Naming your startup will be a difficult and confusable process if you do not have perfect guidance. Here we have analyzed and listed brand names for your business related to beauty.

The Brinso brand names consult have taken into consideration all the brand name qualities before listing these brand names for you.


The following brand name ideas are applicable for businesses of  Fragrance, Hair, Makeup, Health/Personal Care, skin, Nails, Beauty Equipment, Salon, Beauty blog, beauty vlog, cosmetic manufacture, Salon Equipment Suppliers, and online retailer. You will get to know more if you follow brand name marketplace.

Here are some stylish brand name ideas that can be used for the Beauty industry.

Beauty much


BeautyBrat logo



OliveBeauty logo




Liplea logo


Beauty Raw logo



Beauty Mat logo


Dexxmy logo


Clochi logo


Secfer logo


The following creative brand names are developed Brinso brand name specialist.

Cute Girl
Lovely Cut
Handsome Boy
Curly Hair
Wavy Hair
Be Beautify
Nice Looking
Dew Drop
Morning Beauty
Beauty Secret
Sooth Skin
Body Sharp
Sharp Her
Her Choice
Natural You
Vital Fest
Youth Choice
We Love
The Queen
Beauty Fun
Youth Motive
Pure Salon
True Angles
Fine Choice
Hair Happens
Hair Paradise
Hair Designs
Beauty Kingdom
Head Clipper
Head Hut
Hair Bot
Her Pin
Hait Tax
Good Looking
Hair Star
Hair Bliss
Beauty Home
Cute Eyes
Real Beauty
The She
The Teen
Grey To Black
His Hair
The Shaking
Amazing Structure
Look Nice
Best Output

Need more specific brand names under subcategories?

Apart from that, we have listed the following brand names that are related to the subcategories of the beauty industry. Therefore no need to panic to find the relevant brand name for your startup as we have given all of them as follows.

Fragrance business brand name ideas

Never Depart
Feel It
Rose Water
Planting Kids
Feel Color
Stick With U
New You
Added Color
Rose Garden

Hair products business brand name ideas

Bob Wig
Braided Cut
Boy’s Cut
Girl’s Hair
Falling Hair
Brown Wig
Peacock Feathers
Hair Breath
Long Hair
Her Hair
Feather Cutting
Bun Style

Makeup products business brand name ideas

Princess Diary
Skin Care
Skin Protector
Beautiful You
Skin Polisher
Treat Yourself
Beauty Expert
True Soul
Skin Adviser
Body Butter

Health Care products business brand name ideas

Healthy Bliss
Better Sleep
God Sent
Healthy Package
Good For you
Disease Away
Rose Cheeked
The Doctor
The Shield
Quality Life
Daily Vitamin

Skin Care products business brand name ideas

Your Bestie
Most Loved
Glowing Globe
Every Skin
Skin Recover
Healthy Picture
Well Rested
We Know
Quality Formula
Wealthy Skin
Skin Queen
Virgin Skin

Nails products business brand name ideas

Nail Varnish
Nail Enamel
Perfect Finger
Peacock Nails
Best Nail Paints
Decorative Nails
Silver Nails Polish
No-pale Colors
Uncommon Nail Art
Nail Polish Solution
Free Field

Beauty Equipment business brand name ideas

Fine Tools
Cute Tools
Dazzling Tools
Delicate Power Tools
Delightful Hand Tools
Divine Tool Solutions
Elegant Minute
Enthralling Tools
Enticing Beauty
Her Hair
Exquisite Beauty Tools
Fair Equipment

Salons brand name ideas

Desire Salon
Salon Beauty
Remove Spot
Today Style
Salon Stunner
Brown Wig
Bright Salon
Pinky Salon
Long Hair
Perfect Salon
Feather Cutting
Super Style

Beauty Blogs brand name ideas

Image Profile
Smooth Laser
Skincare Expertise
Heartfelt Salon
About Skin
Brown Wig
Heartfelt Salon
African Beauty
Beyond Seasons
Unique Tech Salon
Style On Cue
Body Relaxation

Beauty Vlogs brand name ideas

Model Choice
Her Choice
Eye Liner
Velvet Lip
Fancy Mask
Rose Cheeks
Perfect Look
Rose Bud
Red Lips
Flower House
Perfect Touch
Glamour Girl

Cosmetic Manufacturers business brand name ideas

Trust Us
We Care
The Solution
New Identity
Top Care
Blessed Life
Moisture Skin
Healthy Skin
Soft Identity
Care Mate
Fair World
Pure Skin

Salon Equipment Suppliers business brand name ideas

Salon Dream
Shampoo Station
Hair Style
Stylish Hair
The Trolls
At Rapunzel
Hair Mirror
Hair Care
Free Hair
Modern Barber
Hair Shop
Stylish Cut

Online Beauty Store brand name ideas

Skin Shade
Skin Spray
Summer Skin
Error Less
Your Bestie
Most Loved
Flower Essence
Glowing Globe
Every Skin
Well Rested
We Know

The best brand name holders in the industry of Beauty.

Sephora logo


Buy-Rite logo


Ulta logo


COSRX logo


Sukin logo


 Mario Badescu logo



Walgreen logo


Sallbeauty logo




Estée Lauder logo


Drunk Elephant logo